12th July, 2015.

3 years to this day, we broke new ground.

3 years back on this day, we made the transition, in spirit, from being a digital agency to digital product company. 3 years back on this day, we announced Klip to the world.

Between that day and today, we did some of our best work at the agency, did our best billings and last month bid adieu to our last client. We believe it is a testament to our work that this took this long to play out.

Smursh started as an effort to put our entreprenurial energy to something useful while we figured out our proverbial ‘big bet’. Done is the core of our DNA, and so we quickly migrated from weekend ideas to got down to work in 2008 to start an agency. This was a time when social media meant Orkut in India. A fellow digital time keeper had made a list of social media agencies back then and the count stood somewhere close to 50 then. Less than half a dozen from it survive now, and now we move out of it, at least in soul.

Enter Klip


We conceptualized Klip in January of 2011. Over the past four years it has seen many iterations to now become the most addictive fashion shopping app in India. We raised two rounds of funding in the ensuing years and got to work on some of the most exciting technologies in the most exciting space for a digital product to be in – social commerce on mobile. In the process we made the transition from a communications agency to a bonafide tech company.

Things Are Different, Still The Same

The reason for which we started this company has navigated these 7 years of our existence and still stands strong. Smursh connected brands with consumers. Klip does the same. Just the tools are different, the scale is different. We believe whatever the future holds for us, delivering this value to businesses will always remain the north star of Smursh.

The Future

Is Smursh ever going to come back to delivering awesome advertising work? We don’t know. Will there be more products like Klip? We don’t know. For now Smursh is Klip and Klip is Smursh. And that’s where all our energies are.

The Past

Smursh in these past years got lucky to be the breeding ground some really cool and smart folks. Couple of them have gone on to start their own ventures, while others are adding more metals every passing year in fancy positions. And while we have no claim on their successes it feels great to have been the place almost all of them started their careers at. And regardless of what the future holds, this past will always be proudly ours.

The Present

Join us!