We are now no longer what we were in 2011.

What were we in 2011?


The story of Smursh began in July 2008 after months of looking for that one big idea to start on the web.  Eventually the hunt got tiring, or perhaps the exuberance of being 23, Sahil, Maneesh and Harsh decided to put their know how of the web to good use and start an online consultancy. By the time the website was up a few weeks later, the idea had taken the shape of a digital agency. And thus without much care for the gloom of the global financial crisis around we began telling our story.

3 years on Smursh is now Smursh Media and it is much more than a digital advertising agency. We now run 4 diverse business units albeit fundamentally following the same idea. The idea of content and community on the web. We believe these two to be the most important points in building anything on the web – an application, a website, a campaign or a brand. With Smursh Designs that followed a year later, we laid our technical foundation, Smursh Studios that took shape in 2010 with one of the first reality talk shows specifically crafted for the web and 2011 presents us our first foray into making our own consumer centric web property Klip.in. All 4 companies run by expert hands are tied to the one goal – create a better web experience with content and community.

As an organization we are fundamentally rooted to new media. We tap into all the new opportunities in this new digital world that helps us build further on our core principle above. There is an unsaid aim within our minds to build not just Internet things but also the right resources and people who can be part of the leadership band in this industry. We’ve been fortunate to have worked with smart capable young minds who have look at this space with the same enthusiasm as we do, and have had a hand albeit small in launching a bunch of digital careers. This is a tradition that was serendipitous but something that we proudly take forward every year. Building good people, enhancing the individual skills of everyone at Smursh is our unequivocal mission statement as much building products and services across the breadth of the web is an unequivocal vision.